Key Lime Pudding

Key Lime Pudding


Key Lime Pudding With Avocados, Limes, Coconut Nectar, Lime Zest, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Pod

The ingredient of Key Lime Pudding

  1. 3 avocados large, peeled with stone removed
  2. 2 limes
  3. 5 tablespoons coconut nectar or low GI sweetener maple syrup, agave etc..
  4. 1 tablespoon lime zest
  5. 4 tablespoons coconut oil melted
  6. 1 vanilla pod scraped

The instruction how to make Key Lime Pudding

Nutritions of Key Lime Pudding

calories: NutritionInformation
carbohydrateContent: 430 calories
fatContent: 35 grams
fiberContent: 36 grams
proteinContent: 12 grams
saturatedFatContent: 4 grams
sodiumContent: 15 grams
sugarContent: 30 milligrams
: 8 grams

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